2013 – 2014 Jenks Trojanaires

Drew Bigger

Zoe Brown

Jack Buxton

Jonathan Chou

Caroline Coffey

Chloe Coffey

Kayli Cunningham

James Cyrus

Jonathon Davis

Keely Davis

Clay Downey

Darcy Elmore

Zach Fate

Carter Fox

Brittany Free

John Michael Frye

Jonathan Gaikwad

Chloe Graham

Keaton Holt

Callie Huston

Michael Isbell

Alisha Jones

Alexandra Kaste

Hannah Johnson

Cerra Linn

Katy Lynn

Alexis Mann

Rachel Mann

Will Morsman

Themba Ndhlovu

Philip Ngorima

Tatum Nelson

Brandon Reichert

Abbey Robinson

Allie Sammons

Alexaundra Schneiderman

Jenny Sherier

Taylor Shumway

Ross Stacy

Michelle Stephens

Aaron Stokes

Trent Taber

Cody Voth

Jason Way

Grant Wiscaver

Sarah Willing



This is the cream of the crop of the Jenks Vocal Music Show Choir program.    In April 2013, the Trojanaires  placed  5th Runner-Up in the United States at the National  FAME Show Choir competition in Chicago, Illinois.  This followed being selected the Regional Winners of FAME in Branson, MO a few weeks earlier. These honors capped a perfect year of wins at state and regional contests as well as numerous performances for the community.

By audition-only, this group is comprised mostly of seniors and juniors and practice daily before school in zero hour (6:45 a.m.).   Representing all walks of JHS student life, this choir is home to Performing Arts/Drama participants, JHS athletes,Pom, student government, musicians and many of them excel in the Advanced Placement curriculum program.

Several Trojanaires also serve as worship leaders in their church and leaders in various clubs.   Performance demands are high.   Trojanaire Show Choir seeks students who are talented, passionate, and dedicated to excellence. Additional costume and competition fees apply and are detailed in the Parents/Students tab